Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Developing Cross Platform Mobile Applications in Java.

This series is a tutorial to develop cross platform mobile applications in Java. Readers need to have fair understanding of Java to understand this series.
The below is the outline of topics that I would want to cover as part of this series. The topics covered are replaced with a link to the blog post and if there is no link against any topic, it means it is still pending.
What type of Application do you want to develop ?
Setting up Java Development Environment.
Setting up GWT Development Environment.
Create GWT Project and understand GWT project structure and Artifacts.
Super Dev Mode, Dev Mode and Production Mode.
Basic Widgets
Forms, Layouts
Event Handling
Ui Binder
RPC Communication
Introduction to mgwt, gwt-phonegap and phonegap
Setting mgwt development environment.
Server Communication
Local Database
Sample Application
Deploying on Android
Deploying on iOS


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